Fan Regulator Capacitors


Product Description

TYPE : Film Foil
Specially designed for very low loss factors, high insulation resistances, exceptionally high reliability through high stability against severe humidity and extreme low / high teperature. Compact size, with non conductive radial lead construction, Enables dense packaging and easy mounting on PCB’s
Capacitance Range:-
1 mfd to 4.7 mfd
Voltage :-
250 VAC
Pitch :-
26.5 & 27.5

Recommended Applications :-

Fan Regulators
Premium Series, Metallised Polypropylene,
Dip type, 27.5 mm pitch, 1.0-4.7 mfd;
±10% tol., 250VAC.
Medium Series, Metallised Polypropylene, Small size, Dip type, 27.5 mm pitch,
1.0-4.7 mfd; ± 10% tol., 250VAC.

Product Details:-

Usage/ApplicationElectronic Fan Regulator
Capacitance1 MFD - 4.7 MFD
Voltage Rating250 VAC
BrandDesai Electronics (DEC)
Mounting TypeBase Pin Mount
Maximum Operating Temperature45 Deg Cel-85 Deg C
Capacitor Type Film Foil
Tolerance+/- 10%
Capacitor SizeMax Available 30 mm x 16.5 mm x 23.0 mm
Model Name/NumberMPD Or MPD -SM
WeightMax Upto 100 Gms
Packaging TypeCorrugated Box