Heavy Duty Double Di-Electric Capacitors


Product Description

The Capacitors are designed using higher thickness film and the elements are fixed in CRCA sheet box. These Capacitors are delta connection where voltage is divided achieve longer life.
This is traditional capacitor design where in capacitor element windings are placed in many individual plastic / aluminium cases.

Product Details :-

Usage/ApplicationP.F Correction, Harmonic Filter System
CapacitanceMax 12*34.27
Power 5-25 kVAr, Floor Mounted
Voltage Rating415V - 525V
BrandShreem Capacitors
MaterialC.R.C.A Square Box Casing
Capacitor Type Metalised Polypropelyne Film Type
Phase3 Phase - Delta
ImpregnationNPCB Bio Degradable Natural Semi Soft Resin
Tolerance -5 to 10% As per Standard
Packaging Type Hard Corrugated Box