Aluminum Housed Power Resistor

Product Description

Features :-

Excellent Electrical stability, reliability and mechanically very rigid.
Non Inductive version available
Values from R01 to 150K
Custom terminations, Mounting arrangements possible
RoHS Compliant

Application :-

General Electronic and Electrical circuits
Pre charge,Discharge applications
Electric Vehicles

Technical Specification :-

Rated Power (W) 50

Resistance Range

R01 Ω - 100K Ω

Termination type

Solderable, Screw fitment, Faston terminal, Cable leadout


High Power, Anti - Surge / Pulse Withstanding, Load resistors, Discharge, filter resistors, Current-limiting, Experimenting and testing


Wire Wound


Axial Leaded / Through Hole, Chassis/ Heat Sinkable Mount

Electrical Specifications :-

Characteristics Condition Compliance

(Tighter tolerance available on request)

For Values less than 1Ω
For Values greater than 1Ω

± 5%
± 0.25% to ±5%

Temperature Coefficient


100 PPM/°C max

Insulation Resistance


> 10 GΩ


1.5Hrs ON, 0.5Hrs OFF for 1000Hrs
@Room Temperature

ΔR < 1% +0R05

Short Term Overload

5 x Rated Power or Isolation Voltage
(Whichever is Lesser of the two Voltages)

ΔR < 1% +0R05

Termination Robustness

20N Tensile Force

ΔR < 0.25% +0R05

Resistance to Soldering Heat

260°C, 10 Seconds

ΔR < 0.25% +0R05

Rapid Change of Temperature

-55°C/200°C, 5 Cycles

ΔR < 0.25% +0R05


4000 Bumps at 40g

ΔR < 0.25% +0R05


10Hz to 500Hz, 10g, 6 hrs

ΔR < 0.25% +0R05