Metal Clad Braking Resistors – Slim Type


Product Description

The KSAH style is a range of high quality, high stability Aluminium housed Power resistors designed for direct heat sink attachment. This is also one of the slimmest profile available in this power range.
A wide range of resistance values are available in powers of 100W to 500W.
Design of higher wattage resistors for special applications can be done with ease.
This series is RoHS compliant


Excellent Heat transfers and small dimensions.Non Inductive types possible (please contact KWK).
 UL approved cables used for terminations.
 Custom terminations & Vertical mounting arrangements possible.
 Stacking solution available

Performance Characteristics :-

Characteristics Condition Compliance


± 5%

Temperature Co-efficient

±100 PPM/°C max

Insulation Resistance


>500MΩ min.


1.5Hrs ON, 1.5Hrs OFF for 1000Hrs
@Room Temperature

ΔR < ±1%

Short Term Overload

5 x Rated Power for 5 sec

ΔR < ± (1% + 0.05Ω)

Operating Temperature

-25°C to 250°C

Dielectric Strength

1500VAC rms for 1minute

No Breakdown or Flashover

Power Derating

Linearly from 100% at 25°C to 0 at 260°C

Dimensional Details :-