High Voltage Capacitors


Product Description

High Voltage Capacitors features the latest designed manufactured and tested to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable IEC & IS standard.  
Their  low cost per kVar make these capacitors a simple, economical source of reactive power on electric power systems for,
All Polypropylene (APP) film dielectric
Ultra Low losses
Superior Electrical Performance
Non self healing type capacitors
Improving power factor
Reducing line losses
Decreasing voltage drop
MV fixed capacitor banks single or double star connected with protection of RVT or NCT.

Product Details :-

Usage/ApplicationTransmission & Distribution Companies
Capacitance132KV Fuse less Capacitor Bank Max Rating
Power33KV Upto 220KV System
Voltage Rating Terminal Voltage 75V
BrandShreem Capacitors
MaterialStainless Steel Tank With Polyurethane Light Gray Paint Finish
Frequency60Hz - Upto 300 Hz Tested
Dielectric MaterialPolypropylene
AltitudeMax Upto 200KV Peak
Operating TempUpto 30 Deg Cel
Capacitor Type2 To 3 Layers of Polypropelyne Film With Aluminium Foil
Tolerance -5% Up to+10%
ColorLight Gray Paint Finish
TemperatureUpto 45 Deg Cel Max
FeaturesProtected By Internal Elements Fuses,Or by External Unit Fuse
CoolingInternal Discharge Resistors
Design LifeUpto 5 Years
ToleranceUpto +/- 5%
Packaging Type Hard Corrugated Box